The Commons Newswire: MLA Literature, Medicine, Medical Humanities

Featured in the inaugural issue of the Commons Newswire, an interview describing the creation in 2012 of the MLA Literature, Medicine, & Medical Humanities blog and the recently approved TC Medical Humanities and Health Studies Forum:

THE: Rise of Medical Humanities

Belinda Jack, writing for the London Times Higher Education, reports on “The Rise of Medical Humanities.”

Experience as Evidence: Sciences of Subjectivity in Healthcare, Policy and Practice

Experience as Evidence: A Symposium on the Sciences of Subjectivity in Healthcare, Policy and Practice was held at the University of Oxford, 13-14 October 2014. Abstracts of the presentations with downloadable PDFs of the presentation slides can be found here: …

MLA Approves New Forum TC Medical Humanities & Health Studies

We’ve been informed today that the MLA has approved the proposed forum TC Medical Humanities and Health Studies. Thanks to all whose scholarship over the years and whose ideas and suggestions in preparing the proposal brought us successfully to this…

Medical Humanities at Work: VD on Country Western Radio

Public Radio International’s weekly program Studio 360 features a report on a 1940s radio campaign engineered by folklorist Alan Lomax to recruit country Western singers in an effort to combat syphilis (medical humanities at work):

Announcement: Pa MHC Merges with Intl Health Hum Conf

Dear PA Medical Humanities Consortium (MHC) Folks: I’m writing with exciting news.  The MHC (formerly the PA Medical Humanities Consortium) has decided to combine efforts with the International Health Humanities Conference and other folks interested in creating a national Health…

MLA Gives Preliminary Approval, Seeks Formal Proposal

Good news from MLA — We are writing today on behalf of the Program Committee to invite you to submit a full proposal for the creation of the new forum TC Medical Humanities and Health Studies. The proposal should consist…

“Science & Medicine” (Year’s Work Crit Cult Theory)

Lindsay Parker, “Science and Medicine,” Year’s Work Crit Cult Theory published 19 June 2014, 10.1093/ywcct/mbu012

Vote to Make Us Official!

If you are an MLA member, it appears that more work is needed to move new MLA forums from the merely “proposed” status — Log on to MLA Commons and endorse the creation of the forum. If you are interested…

New MLA Structure, Med Humanities & Health Studies Added

The Modern Language Association has announced its new restructuring (of the old “divisions” and “discussion groups”) into “forums,” organized by general categories. In the category “Transdisciplinary Connections,” the new forum “Medical Humanities and Health Studies” has been formed. Details here:…

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