CFP: Disability and Disciplines

Disability and Disciplines: 
The International Conference on Educational, Cultural, and Disability Studies

3-4 July, 2019
Centre for Culture and Disability Studies, Liverpool Hope University

Keynote Speakers:
Prof Tanya Titchkosky, University of Toronto, Canada
Dr Laurence Clark, Independent, UK

Interdisciplinarity is increasingly recognised as pivotal in the academy, as reflected in the work of the Centre for Culture and Disability Studies (CCDS), whose major collaborations include the Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies, the book series Literary Disability Studies, and the multi-volume project A Cultural History of Disability. Although far from straightforward in practice, the premise of the CCDS is that interdisciplinarity leads to curricular reform that itself leads to changes in social attitudes. Growing appreciation of disability studies across the fields and disciplines ultimately contributes to the erosion of ableism and disablism in culture and society, from which there grows both space and opportunity for non-normative achievements and aspirations.

The organisers of the 5th biennial CCDS conference welcome proposals from academics, students, and other interested parties for papers that explore the benefits of interdisciplinarity between Disability Studies and subjects such as Aesthetics, Art, Business Studies, Creative Writing, Cultural Studies, Education Studies, Film Studies, Genre Studies, History, Holocaust Studies, International Studies, Literary Studies, Literacy Studies, Management Studies, Media Studies, Medical Humanities, Museum Studies, Philosophy, Professional Studies, Special Educational Needs, Technology, and Women’s Studies. This list is meant to be suggestive rather than exhaustive.

Paper proposals of 150-200 words should be sent to on or before 1 February, 2019.

Paper presentations are allocated 20 minute slots and themed panels of 3 papers are encouraged.

The organisers are indebted to previous keynote speakers Julie Allan, Len Barton, Peter Beresford, Fiona Kumari Campbell, Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, Dan Goodley, Robert McRuer, David T. Mitchell, Stuart Murray, Katherine Runswick-Cole, and Sharon L. Snyder, whose presentations have led this project and in some cases are now freely available on the CCDS YouTube channel.