The Co-Directors of Brainstorm Books invite you to consider submitting a manuscript for publication to our imprint.  We also invite you to encourage students and colleagues to consider doing so.  Brainstorm Books, as an imprint of punctum books, a non-profit press, offers open-access publication at no charge to the author; peer review; inexpensive (and after six months, free) downloads; and simultaneous publication of an inexpensive paperback edition (approximately $20.00/copy).  We believe that open-access publishing has a necessary role to play in the democratization of mental enrichment and wellness across the globe.  New (as well as old) understandings of the mind should be accessible to all minds and fully attuned to the many varieties of lived experience.

Accordingly, Brainstorm Books will devote its energies for the next three years to developing and publishing manuscripts on cross-disciplinary, intersectional race and mind studies.  The construct of race plays a central role in designing the expressivities and impressionabilities of socially- and ecologically-embedded and embodied minds.  We are especially interested in writing that exemplifies or comments on how the arts and aesthetics race our bodily, affective, cognitive and social practices.  But we are also interested in publishing critiques of, and new directions for, psychoanalytic and psychological (mis)treatments of race.  This might include work on the racialization of mental “health” and “illness”; possibilities for new relational practices and therapeutic politics and policies; work in dialogue with the medical humanities and/or alternative, popular, traditional cultures of healing; radical work in the social psychology of race; and studies in activism and advocacy that address affect, intersubjectivity and transpersonality.  We welcome traditional scholarly and scientific manuscripts, but also encourage collaborative, creative, essayistic, historical and personal reflections, as well as writing that cultivates its own artfulness.  We encourage “minigraphs”—manuscripts ranging from 80 to 120 pages that fall length-wise between the article and the monograph—but all submissions will be given careful consideration.  We will also consider essay volumes that substantially advance current controversies and new disciplinary configurations.  Manuscripts are peer-reviewed.  Brainstorm Books are available as free downloadable PDFs and also as inexpensive paperbound print editions.

Brainstorm Books is an imprint of punctum books (, an open-access press dedicated to creative modes of intellectual inquiry across multiple fields in the arts, humanities, and sciences, and is directed by the “Literature and the Mind” group at the University of California, Santa Barbara, a research and teaching concentration hosted within the Department of English and supported by affiliated faculty in Comparative Literature, Religious Studies, History, the Life Sciences, Psychology, Cognitive Science, and the Arts.

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Manuscripts formatted with coherent and uniform reference apparatus may be submitted to any of the Executive Directors of Brainstorm Books/Racing Mind:

Dr. Stephanie L. Batiste, Associate Professor of Black Studies, Associate Professor of English, Director, Hemispheric South/s Research Initiative, University of California, Santa Barbara;

Dr. Felice Blake, Associate Professor of English, University of California, Santa Barbara;

Dr. Julie Carlson, Professor of English, Director Emeritus of “Literature and the Mind,” University of California, Santa Barbara;

Dr. L. O. Aranye Fradenburg, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Founder and Director Emeritus, “Literature and the Mind,” University of California, Santa Barbara; Faculty, New Center for Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles;

Dr. Eileen A. Joy, Director, punctum books;

We are deeply grateful for your consideration.