CFP: Rhetoric of Health and Medicine (RHM)

Announcing New Journal: Rhetoric of Health & Medicine (RHM)

Co-editors Lisa Meloncon (University of South Florida) and Blake Scott (University of Central Florida) are pleased to announce the official launch of this new multidisciplinary journal, Rhetoric of Health and Medicine (RHM), published by the University of Florida Press.

RHM will publish studies of health and medicine that combine rhetorical analysis with any number of other methodologies, including critical/cultural analysis, ethnography, qualitative analysis, and quantitative analysis.


See the journal’s website——for more journal information (focus and scope, submission types, and editorial team), to register and submit, and to subscribe. The website will also feature supplementary content, including video interviews with authors.


In addition to research articles, RHM will publish reviews, dialogues, and more public facing commentaries and white papers. Manuscripts submitted by late Summer will be eligible for the journal’s inaugural issue in Spring 2018.

If you have an idea you want to develop or specific questions, contact Lisa or Blake at


After years of publishing in special issues and book collections, rhetoricians of health and medicine finally have our own journal! Help us spread the word, and submit your work!