CFP: Health Humanities: Creative Practices as Care

5th International Health Humanities Conference (Seville, 15- 17 September)


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(The deadline for submitting proposals is 15th March 2016 at 00:00)

Health Humanities: Creative Practices as Care


On behalf of the organizing committee it is a pleasure to announce the celebration of the 5th

International Health Humanities Conference to be held in Seville on 15, 16 and 17 September,


Over the last five years the International Health Humanities Conference has explored several

themes related to Health Humanities and how the arts and humanities can be applied to enhance

human health and wellbeing. To date, the International Health Humanities Network at the heart

of the conference organization has generated an exciting interdisciplinary dialogue across

diverse communities of arts and humanities academics and practitioners, clinicians, informal

carers, service users and the self-caring public.

In this conference we would especially like to explore creative practices in the arts and

humanities as: providing innovative care (professional, non-professional and self-care);

achieving health and wellbeing through social connectedness. In addition, we welcome papers

relevant to the field of health humanities in general.

The case for the impact of creative practices in health, psychological well-being and enhancing

social inclusion of people is growing worldwide. We are aware that there are numerous and

varied initiatives—often outside academia—in hospitals, social and community centres, mental

health centres, schools, museums etc., which are valued and appreciated by users and

professionals, but they go mostly unnoticed. We would like to invite everyone to share their

experiences and report on impact assessments of these creative practices.