CFP: “Unsettling Medicine: Politics, Society, and Economy in Nineteenth-Century American Medical Practice” C19

“Unsettling Medicine: Politics, Society, and Economy in
Nineteenth-Century American Medical Practice.”
C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists
March 17-20, 2016 at Pennsylvania State University
Chair: Sari Altschuler
Deadline: August 16, 2015.

This panel is looking for papers that expand the political, social, and
economic context of medical practice in the nineteenth century. With the
continuing success of Harriet Washington’s Medical Apartheid, Sari
Altschuler’s studies into the connections between medicine and politics
in the early republic, Benjamin Reiss’ insights into the connections
between sleep and medicine, and Petra Kuppers’ work on the “medical
plantation,” scholarship of what exactly medicine was, how it was
performed, and who practiced it has begun new conversations about the
monolithic concept of medicine.
Furthering these conversations, we invite papers on primary and
secondary sources, archival materials, as well as methodological
considerations. This panel asks contributors to locate medical practice
in its material and cultural contexts, to draw the specific into the
general, as it were. The term “medical practice” for one stresses the
complex interconnections of practitioner and patient during therapy. It
is also, however, meant to indicate the connection of both practitioner
and patient with medical theories and technologies (including
pharmacology) and their participation in communication processes and
routes of exchange. Finally, we understand medical practice as a form of
social and economic practice, beholden to constraints and interests that
broaden our understanding of what we consider medicine proper.
We invite scholars of all disciplines and fields to submit their
250-word abstract and brief CV to Sören Fröhlich at
< > by August 16, 2015.

Dr. Sören Fröhlichöhlich