CFS: Dis/enabling Narratives (J Narrative Theory)

Journal of Narrative Theory: Call for Papers

Special Issue on Dis/enabling Narratives

JNT invites submissions that further the discussion of disabling and
enabling narratives from a disability studies perspective. JNT is a forum
for the theoretical exploration of individual narrative texts and of the
intersections between narrative, history, ideology, and culture more
broadly. Essays might engage with topics such as literature and
dis/enabling environments and social space, how narratives dis/enable at a
structural level, theorizing about narrative using disability studies,
dis/enabling subjectivities and inter-subjective experiences, disabling
meta/master narratives, dis/enabling discourses, dis/enabling personal
narratives and cultural narratives, narratives of overcoming, passing,
medicalization, masquerade, complex embodiment, narrative prosthesis,
compensation, suppression, inclusion, integration, rehabilitation,
normalcy, and activism, narrative wholeness, disabling narrative
conventions and enabling counter-narratives. We welcome submissions
considering literature of all periods and are especially keen to ensure
that some essays in the issue relate to the period before the modern
concept of disability emerged in the mid-nineteenth century.

Please send two hardcopies of the complete manuscript in MLA style to Prof.
Essaka Joshua, Department of English, 356 O’Shaughnessy Hall, University of
Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana 46556 USA, and email a digital copy to by 1 September 2016. Recommended submission length is 8000
words. Please omit references to the author in the manuscripts to ensure
anonymous review. The journal does not accept manuscripts submitted for
consideration simultaneously to other publication venues.