Wellcome Library Funding Opportunity

The Hub project offers space at the Wellcome Library in London and funding to support innovative research projects. Here’s the basic info:

The Hub at Wellcome Collection aims to:

  • enable a truly outstanding interdisciplinary team to work on a project that is linked to our vision of improving health and to support this team with all the rich and unique resources the Wellcome Trust has to offer
  • be a pioneering location for creative work that explores what happens when medicine and health intersect with the arts, humanities and social sciences
  • nurture a thriving culture of exchange, in which the public is connected to the innovative ideas of The Hub through a vibrant programme of public engagement
  • foster work that is original, creative, intelligent, impactful and openly accessible
  • catalyse outputs that generate new insights, new forms of engagement, new methodologies, new interventions and new knowledge.

In addition to the use of the space within The Hub, you can apply for funding of up to £1 million over two years. This can include salary costs (or replacement) for your Core Group of around four to six individuals (including yourself) as well as for any associates you may choose to include in your project such as fellows, research assistants, visiting artists or other residencies. It also includes ongoing operational costs such as for equipment, materials, travel, events and public engagement activities.

Further details can be found here: http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/Funding/Public-engagement/Funding-schemes/Hub-Award/index.htm