CFS: Interdisciplinary research in the arts and humanities (Cogent Arts & Humanities)

Special article collection on Interdisciplinary Research in the arts and humanities 

Including work by: David E. Cooper, Lynette Hunter, Troy Jollimore, Meg Wallace, Richard Fleming and Michael Davis

Cogent OA, an imprint of Taylor & Francis, wishes to celebrate the launch of its new open access, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed academic journal, Cogent Arts & Humanities with a special collection of articles devoted to interdisciplinary scholarship.

Cogent Arts & Humanities aims to showcase the finest contemporary work in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship. This special collection seeks to present and encourage scholarship that crosses disciplines within the arts and humanities and that connects the arts and humanities with other fields.

Submissions are welcome in all fields covered by Cogent Arts & Humanities, as well as articles that work with one of these fields along with others, for example fields in the natural or social sciences:

  • Culture, Media & Film
  • History
  • Literature, Languages & Criticism
  • Philosophy & Religion
  • Visual & Performing Arts

Cogent Arts & Humanities conforms to the highest standards of open access publishing and publishes articles quickly after a rigorous and constructive process of peer-review and editing. All articles will be freely available to anyone across the Internet.

To submit your work, please visit the journals’ dedicated online submission system:

The deadline for submissions for this special collection is 1 October 2015.

During the submission process you will be able to confirm that your work is intended for the special collection on interdisciplinary research in the arts and humanities.

We look forward to working with you to bring exciting new scholarship to the widest possible audience.

Peter S. Fosl, Editor-in-Chief, Cogent Arts & Humanities