CFP Evening Paper (Ctr Narrative Practice)

Welcome to Evening Paper! For our inaugural issue, we’d like to invite you to submit creative work on the theme “Beginnings” — you can interpret this theme however you’d like. For scholarly work, no need to fit to the theme, but please submit work that is in some way related to narrative/storytelling/creative practice.

General Information
-Evening Paper welcomes submissions (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, studio art — painting, photography, or other visual representations — and scholarly work).

-All work published becomes the property of Evening Paper and may be reproduced in part or whole at the discretion of the Editors in future publications both online or in print.

-Comments and feedback including notes from the selection process may not be made available to all applicants.

-Intellectual property rights are retained by the author.

-We welcome simultaneous submissions, but notification is required if your work is accepted at another publication. Do not submit previously published work.

-Please use 12 pt font and double-space all submitted works.

-Regarding previous online publication: It’s okay if your submission has been previously submitted on a blog, an online magazine, or in Kindle (or other self-published form), as long as you have sold fewer than 50 copies.

How to Submit
Any quotations or citations should follow MLA style formatting.

Manuscripts and media should be submitted online via our submission form (see below).

Please provide any contextual information you’d like us to know or that you’d like published alongside the piece.

The manuscript itself should not include the author’s name or other identifying information.

Please submit as a Microsoft Word (.docx or .doc) file; media should be submitted in JPEG or PNG format.

We accept prose works of up to 5000 words, poetry of up to one page, as well as artwork and multimedia (2mg maximum file size–we will ask for a high res version if your piece is accepted).

If you have any additional questions or a pre-submission inquiry please email:

Details here: