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Journal of Medicine and Philosophy

Call for Papers:

For four decades, The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy has been the flagship scholarly journal in bioethics and the philosophy of medicine. Its contributors and focus are international, addressing bioethical concerns across the world. Significant attention has been given to bioethics and foundational issues in health care policy in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. The journal’s concerns range from clinical bioethics and health care policy, to studies in the philosophy of medicine such as explorations of the nature of concepts of health and disease, as well as the character of medical explanation.

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Managing Editor
Journal of Medicine and Philosophy
Department of Philosophy, MS14
Rice University
6100 Main St.
Houston, TX 77005, USA

Authors are strongly encouraged to submit manuscripts via email. The manuscript should be prepared using MS Word or as an already blinded PDF and should be clearly labeled with the authors’ names.

Recent articles:
Sune Holm // Disease, Dysfunction, and Synthetic Biology
Philippe Huguelet // The Contribution of Existential Phenomenology in the Recovery-Oriented Care of Patients with Severe Mental Disorders
Pieter Bonte, Sigrid Sterckx, and Guido Pennings  //  May the Blessed Man Win: A Critique of the Categorical Preference for Natural Talent over Doping as Proper Origins of Athletic Ability
Ariella Binik and Charles Weijer  //  Why the Debate over Minimal Risk Needs to be Reconsidered
Erik Krag  //  Rich, White, and Vulnerable: Rethinking Oppressive Socialization in the Euthanasia Debate
Bryan C. Pilkington  //  On Omissions and Artificial Hydration and Nutrition
Ezio Di Nucci  //  Fathers and Abortion
Gregory S. Poore  //  Why Care for the Severely Disabled? A Critique of MacIntyre’s Account