Ctr for Narrative Practice (Cambridge, MA)

This announcement will be of interest to those using narrative methods.

The Center for Narrative Practice: The future is in stories

Our Goal

To establish a Center for Narrative Practice in 2015 in Cambridge, MA that will offer traditional, low-residency, and online inter-professional education programs.

Our Story

Over the last ten years, the team behind the Center for Narrative Practice has been involved in a growing, innovative program at an Ivy League academic medical center that uses narrative in the training of healthcare professionals. Our expertise for applying narrative and creativity in the healthcare setting has achieved a global reputation. We have seen, again and again and again, the power of applied work with the arts, and we have come to believe that the next step is to branch out from healthcare.

We want to reach more people; we want to build a movement, and spread the power of this work to the farthest corners of the world; we want to bring people together from all professions, fields, backgrounds, and interests, and to offer a program for learning that is accessible. The greater the diversity of the cohort, we have learned, the more powerful the result and the farther the reach.

To this end, the vision of the Center for Narrative Practice was born, and to this end we need your help.

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Thank you for your support,

Scott Alderman (Founding Director) and the CNP team