CFP: EASA “The Body of America, the Health of America: Taking the Pulse of American Culture”

“The Body of America, the Health of America: Taking the Pulse of American Culture”

Annual Conference of the Eastern American Studies Association, March 28-29, 2014, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Eastern American Studies Association will hold its 2014 annual conference at the campus of La Salle University in Philadelphia. America’s “First City” has a historic tradition of leadership in health care as the home to the nation’s first public hospital and to the Mutter Museum, devoted to the history of medicine. Thomas Eakins painted his famous work of medical students in an operating theater, The Gross Clinic, in Philadelphia. The city has also faced devastating epidemics, from yellow fever in 1792 to the influenza of 1918. Philadelphia played a key role in the metaphorical creation of the body of the nation as the home to the Continental Congress that adopted th e Declaration of Independence and later, the convention that drafted the Constitution. We often use the body or corpus as metaphors for the national community as a means of talking about our collective welfare. The theme of our conference is an invitation for papers and panels that broadly address the notion—literal or figurative—of the health of America.

Submission Guidelines:

Individual Papers: Send a 500-word abstract and a brief CV. Full Panels: Send a cover sheet with the title of the panel, the names of each participant (3-4 papers) and the titles of their presentations. Include a 500-word abstract of each paper as well as a resume no longer than two pages for each panel participant and for the moderator and/or commentator if appropriate.

All materials should be sent to before January 10, 2014 (EXTENDED to JANUARY 20!). Graduate students whose proposals are accepted will be encouraged to submit their final papers electronically several weeks prior to the conference if they wish to be considered for the Simon J. Bronner Award for the outstanding graduate paper in American Studies. EASA member programs will also be contacted a month or two before the conference and each may then nominate one undergraduate to present at the Undergraduate Roundtable and compete for the Francis Ryan Award for Undergraduate Research. Both awards will be presented during the closing session of the conference.

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