CFP: Med & Religion Conference

3rd Annual Conference on Medicine and Religion |  Responding to the Limits and Possibilities of the Body

March 7-9, 2014, at the Hyatt Chicago Magnificent Mile, IL

We invite abstracts for 60-minute panel sessions, 20-minute paper presentations, and posters that address issues at the intersection of medicine and religion. We also invite student participation in an essay contest. All proposals must be submitted online by 4pm CST, Thursday, November 7, 2013.

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Conference Theme: Medicine exists because of the limits and frailties of the human body, as well as its possibilities; and medicine is shaped by what we expect the body to be and do. As such, health care practices depend on and display answers to important questions about human embodiment: To whom does the body belong? How is one’s body related to oneself? What is a normal human body? What, if anything, does the human body tell us about how medicine should respond to bodily suffering and death? What kind of knowledge about human embodiment can science give, vis-à-vis the great religions?

The 3rd Annual Conference on Medicine and Religion invites health care professionals and scholars to reflect on these questions and their implications for contemporary medicine. The conference is a forum for exchanging ideas from an array of disciplinary backgrounds and approaches, including both analytical and empirical scholarship, descriptions of what is as well as arguments about what should be, accounts of relevant experiences as well as reflections on the meaning of those experiences. Moreover, the conference invites participants to address these and other questions by looking to the traditions and practices of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Conference Sponsors: Program on Medicine and Religion, University of Chicago, & Institute for Spirituality and Health, Texas Medical Center