CFS: Diagnosing Folklore: Perspectives on Health, Trauma, and Disability

Call for Chapter Contributions: Diagnosing Folklore: Perspectives on Health, Trauma, and Disability

Edited by: Trevor J. Blank and Andrea Kitta

The editors welcome submissions that thematically address the following from a folkloristic perspective:

  •  – Stigma and/or public perceptions about mental health/ illness, trauma, and disability
  •  – Narratives about mental health/ illness, trauma, and/or disability
  •  – Folkloric explanations for mental health/ illness, trauma, and/or disability (including beliefs)
  •  – Tellability and untellability
  •  – Non-narrativity
  •  – Stigmatized vernacular
  •  – The intersection of embodiment with mental health/ illness, trauma, and disability
  •  – Bodylore as it relates to wellness, mental health/ illness, trauma, and disability
  •  – Traditions of disbelief seen as “mental illness”
  •  – Folk medicine as it relates to the themes of mental health/ illness, trauma, and disability
  •  – “Best” medical practices (as they correlate to folk knowledge)
  •  – Unofficial knowledge vs. official knowledge
  •  – Fieldwork best practices, auto-ethnography, reciprocal ethnography pertaining to mental health/ illness, trauma, and disability

The editors of the volume are in discussion with the University Press of Mississippi regarding publication and will be sharing selected contributors’ abstracts with the editor-in-chief of the press. Those interested in contributing to “Diagnosing Folklore” should submit a tentative chapter title and 400-word abstract to Trevor J. Blank via email at by no later than Monday, September 2, 2013. Selected authors will be notified of their acceptance by October 1, 2013. Initial chapter drafts of approximately 6,000 to 10,000 words will be due in June 2014.