CFP: Medical Commons in 19C US Literature (C19 Conference)

Call for Proposals: Medical Commons in 19C US Literature

C19 Biennial Conference:

“Medical commons” is the term used today for highly industrialized medical complexes in which patients can see multiple specialists within one campus, but the concepts of medical commons began in the 19th century with new ideas about medical practice, from the rise of hospitalization to specialization and to alternative medical communities (e.g., water cure facilities, mineral springs resorts , medical facilities in communal living sites). Seeking proposals that examine the ways in which literature engaged and critiqued new medical practices throughout the nineteenth century, how medicine became institutionalized (“made common”) at various times not only through medical commons but equally so in medical museums, the memorializing of particular elite physicians, the establishment of medical libraries, etc. Send proposals and a biographical paragraph to Sharon M. Harris ( by September 15.