CFP: Social Innovation in Health Care: Ethical Foundations of Caregiving

The Culture of Cities Centre, in Conjunction with the Rhetoric & Ethics Research Lab of Carleton University and the Centre for Social Innovation, invites abstracts for an upcoming conference:
Deadline for Abstract submissions: August 23, 2013
This conference will consider approaches to innovative practices of health care that stress the social relationship between caregiver and recipient of care as a process of communication occurring within a cultural context.
The aim of the conference is to explore conditions that influence the giving of care and to incorporate relevant concepts and research from a broad range of disciplines and arts into the discussion in order to supplement views of caregiving as solely a medically informed transaction. Works and approaches that focus upon how the dynamics of the relation between practitioner and client are shaped by social and cultural factors are particularly welcome. The primary objective is to lay grounds for connecting ethics and care to systemic practices for case study research. This research can be used to design situations to study and represent, as guides for action, offering different views of problems, methods, materials, conflict and its resolution.
We invite papers that engage the ethical sense of care through an openness to methods and procedures of analysis developed in the humanities and social sciences. Explorations of how cultural meanings are typically infused with ethical conceptions of care in addressing patients in humane ways and as vulnerable participants in distributions of knowledge, power and affect are encouraged.
Possible Topics/Themes
  • Strategies of Rehabilitation and Change: Views of Therapy, Resilience and Consumerism
  • Symptom Management in Relation to Healing
  • Models of Caregiver Stress; Professional Burnout and Depression
  • Institutional Constraints on Care; Long-Term Care
  • Narrative Medicine
  • Women’s Health
  • Bioethics
  • Conceptions and Practices of  Well-Being, and the Social Production of Peace of Mind
  • The Social Dynamics of Dementia
  • Addiction treatment
  • Care in the Humanities: From Asia to Greece, Foucault to Hannah Arendt
  • Influences of New  Technologies on Care in Social media, Robotics,Skype Coaching and Telecare
  • Mixed Methodologies and Qualitative Research
The normal presentation format following the plenary  will be a 20-minute talk as part of a panel of 3-4 speakers followed by questions and discussion.  Proposals for other forms of participation (performances, exhibitions/screenings, roundtables) will also be considered.  The concluding session of the conference will feature a roundtable with participants from all four areas offering concluding reflections and thoughts as to future directions in research, activism, and practice.
Target Audience
Scholars, artists, policymakers, activists, and others with interdisciplinary interests in exploring ethical and aesthetic dimensions of care. The conference is also intended to be suitable for physicians, social workers, nurses, public health professionals, and all medical personnel with interests in the ethical ramifications of health care.
Submission Deadlines:
Deadline for Abstract Submission: August 23, 2013
Notification of Acceptance: August 30th, 2013