Web Site: Generation to Reproduction

The intersection of humanities, health science, and policy is ably demonstrated by the Web site Generation to Reproduction. It is described as a collaboration among “Cambridge historians of medicine and biology [who] are using a Wellcome strategic award to take a concerted approach to the history of reproduction. The cross-disciplinary group of researchers will offer fresh perspectives on issues ranging from ancient fertility rites to IVF. Building on a lively field of historical investigation, this will provide a fresh basis for policy and public debate.”

Generation to Reproduction‘s home page headlines conferences and media presentations. Other pages include a list of the issues and themes on which the collaboration focuses, the associates of the collaboration (with their areas of expertise), news and events, a list of specific current projects, and an invitation to join the collaboration in specific areas of study.

Current participants appear to focus on the history and philosophy of sciences and health science but range quite broadly from the ancient Mediterranean to the medieval (both European and Middle Eastern), early-modern, and modern eras.