CFP: Unauthorized Narratives & ‘Other’ Stories in Medicine

Do you have an idea, proposal, work-in-progress or completed project that engages with members of patient communities? In your research, do you collaborate with community members in innovative ways or undertake participatory research? Does your work challenge typical ways of thinking about narrative or the humanities in medicine? Does it lend itself to presentation in formats other than an academic talk?

UC Davis Medical Humanities Research Group invites faculty, graduate/professional students, clinicians and others to share their work at a daylong symposium, “Unauthorized Narratives and ‘Other’ Stories in Medicine.” The symposium will occur on Saturday April 20, 2013 at UC Davis School of Medicine (Sacramento).

We especially welcome proposals that involve new and emerging topics or methods in the Medical Humanities. The symposium will include a series of talks, ‘talkbacks,’ exhibitions, and performances showcasing works in and of the medical humanities. It will focus on the field’s capacity to make visible the multiplicity, complexity, and challenge of narratives that often remain can unheard within clinical settings.

“Unauthorized Narratives and ‘Other’ Stories in Medicine” will complement the UC Medical Humanities Consortium conference, to be held at UC Berkeley the day prior.

Deadline for submissions is 6:00 PM on Friday February 22, 2013. Email to: Submissions should consist of an abstract (no longer than 150 words), the title of the presentation, and the names and affiliations, if any of presenters. Have questions regarding this call for proposals or symposium? Please contact the conference organizers at:

UC Davis Medical Humanities Research Group, part of UC Medical Humanities Consortium. Symposium will be held at The UC Davis School of Medicine in Sacramento