The Hub (Residency), Wellcome Trust

The Hub – Where great ideas can come together: The Hub opens for preliminary applications from today

The Wellcome Trust has always played a leading role in funding ground-breaking, interdisciplinary, health-related research projects. Today, we are announcing another venture that puts collaboration and innovation at the heart of our funding: the opportunity to apply for residency in The Hub at Wellcome Collection.

The Hub will provide uniquely rich resources and a stimulating space for researchers and other creative minds to collaborate on a project that will explore medicine and health in historical, social, artistic or cultural contexts. Applications for residency at The Hub are open to groups of three to five researchers and practitioners from the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences who are interested in developing or accelerating innovative, exciting and ground-breaking ideas or projects related to health.

We’re expecting projects to last for two academic years and an allowance of up to £1 million will be made to the successful group. Whether you have a discrete project in mind, whether you’re looking to kick-start a brand new idea that might have a life beyond your residency at The Hub, or whether you’re already working on something that you would like to develop further, The Hub could be an ideal location for you to find the time and gather the right team to realise your plans.

For lots more information, and how to apply, please visit

Closing date for preliminary applications is 3 May 2013.