Disability History Association: Outstanding Book/Article Award

Outstanding Book/Article Award

The Disability History Association promotes the relevance of disability to broader historical enquiry and facilitates research, conference travel, and publication for scholars engaged in any field of disability history research. The Disability History Association is excited to announce its 2nd Annual Outstanding Book/Article Award. The award alternates between books and peer-reviewed articles/book chapters. In 2013 the award committee will accept article and book chapter submissions. Submissions are welcome from scholars in all fields who engage in work relating to the history of disability. Although the award is open to all authors covering all geographic areas and time periods, the publication must be in English, and must have a publication date within the two years preceding the submission date (i.e. 2011–2013 for articles/book chapters submitted during the 2013 award cycle).

Articles/book chapters may be single or multiple authored. Journal articles must be published in a peer-reviewed academic journal. The amount of the award is $400 for the article/book chapter award. All submissions should be sent to the award committee (marembis@buffalo.edu) no later than May 1. Authors should arrange for five (5) copies of the article/book chapter to be emailed directly to the award committee: marembis@buffalo.edu 

Submissions should also be sent electronically in a format compatible with screen reading software, such as a .doc file or a text-based .pdf. In the interest of modeling best practices in the field of disability studies, we require that the publisher/author must be prepared to provide an electronic copy in text-based .pdf or .doc file format for the review committee. We understand that copyright rules apply, and we will only use such copies for purposes of the DHA Article/Book Chapter Prize. Manuscripts not provided in accessible electronic formats for screen reading software in a timely manner will not be considered for the prize. The Disability History Association board will announce the recipient of the DHA Outstanding Book/Article Award in September 2013.